Where to go for a romantic dinner in Istanbul?

There are many different places to go to when you want to have a romantic dinner with your lover or partner. So the answer to the question of where to go for a romantic dinner in Istanbul is a long-running list…But if your goal is to eat dinner in a different atmosphere, then you can use your choice on the Historical People's Meatball Restaurant.(Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi). This restaurant, where you can enjoy dining in a completely historical area in Sultanahmet, has been serving since 1950.

It is one of the restaurants where you can feel a warm atmosphere and also a friendly service. This restaurant, which you can easily choose for a romantic dinner, is an ideal place for a family dining.

Enjoy A Romantic Meal In A Historic Texture

The fact that it has been serving since 1950 is due to its unique flavours and quality of Service. It is possible to say that especially the flavours of meatballs are legendary. The restaurant, which has never changed its meatball recipe since the first day it started serving, manages to provide a unique pleasure of service. Historical People's Meatball located at Divanyolu Street (Divanyolu Street Number 26) is a great place for a romantic dinner.

Alongside with meatballs, there are also varieties of lamb shish and chicken shish. It can also offer different flavours such as cottage lentil soup, piyaz, salad and French fries as an option. We can easily say that it is one of the rare places that can appeal to everyone's taste buds.

You can also easily choose to have a pleasant dinner with your family or friends at this restaurant, and you can be sure to get a service that meets your expectations. Since it is a place in demand, you should book in advance.