Where to Eat Meatballs in Sultanahmet?

When you come to Istanbul for business, sightseeing or visiting, Sultanahmet is one of the places you must visit. There are many different places to visit in Sultanahmet. The Blue Mosque is one of the must-visit places. In this mosque, which has a magnificient architecture, you will find many different details that will impress you and you can take great pictures.

Sultanahmet Square is one of the most magnificient squares in the city, which will make you feel clearly that you are in Istanbul again. Built as a hippodrome by the Roman Empire, this square stands out because it offers a different atmosphere. The Hagia Sophia, the knitted column, the obelisk and the serpentine column, which you can see in the square, are the structures that have survived upright since the 2nd century BC.

Stop by the Hagia Sophia Museum!

The Hagia Sophia Museum, where many works from different periods are exhibited, is one of the places that fascinates those who see them both with the works on display and the architectural structure. After a wonderful trip in Istanbul, you can ask where to eat meatballs in Sultanahmet. Sultanahmet is the first place that comes to mind when you think about the meatballs of Sultanahmet and the meatballs of the historical people. We would like to welcome you in our place which has been serving since 1950.

Meatballs which are not enough to taste are one of the dishes you should taste. Our meatballs, whose recipe has not been changed since 1950, enable those who come to Istanbul to have a pleasant lunch or dinner. There is also lamb skewer and chicken skewer varieties in our place where you can enjoy the food in a historical texture. At the same time you will enjoy the most enjoyable moments of the day to provide you with the best way to taste the best varieties we recommend you to taste.