Where to eat breakfast in Sultanahmet?

The number of places to visit in Istanbul is so high that local and foreign tourists do not want to leave their places for food or breakfast. Because it takes a lot of time in traffic to go to a different place, and tourists want to evaluate this time by traveling instead of stuck in traffic. Therefore, the question of where to eat breakfast in Sultanahmet is gaining more importance.

One of the places where you can have breakfast in Sultanahmet is Tarihi Halkin Koftecisi. We are very pleased to welcome both our local guests and our guests from all over the world for years with our special menus prepared with the freshest ingredients in our restaurant. You can eat lunch and dinner at our venue by choosing from the most delicious meatballs and skewers in our menu.

Start your day with a delicious breakfast!

In addition to this, our breakfast menus are at your service! Of course, the right address to start the day with a delicious breakfast in the morning is Tarihi Halkin Koftecisi! Our special breakfast range manages to appeal to every palate. Therefore, our breakfast varieties are at least as good as our meatball varieties. Who have breakfast once in our place cannot give up again.

In fact, if you need more energy to travel after breakfast, you can also consume an exquisite semolina halva or Kemalpaşa dessert. In this way, you will meet your energy needs with tremendous desserts to travel more places in less time.

You can quickly and easily reach many of Istanbul's attractions from Sultanahmet Square. Therefore, we recommend that you turn your route to our restaurant without wasting any time. After an exquisite breakfast, you can practically reach anywhere and any area you want to visit. We would also like to welcome you for lunch and dinner after breakfast!