Where is Sultanahmet Obelisk?

Istanbul is famous not only for its historical buildings but also for its squares! One of the most important squares of the city is Sultanahmet Square. This square, which is surrounded by the most important structures of Istanbul such as Sultan Ahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia, is also the answer to the question of Where is Sultanahmet Obelisk. The Obelisk is located next to the Hagia Sophia Museum, which you can easily reach from Sultan Ahmet Square. The Obelisk, located on the south side of Sultan Ahmet Square, is located on the right side of the Serpent Column.

What Is the Length of The Obelisk?

The obelisk, made of Aswan Granite, was originally 30 metres long. However, its lower part was damaged during the replacement of its location. Therefore, the Obelisk today has a length of 18.45 m. Its weight is approximately 200 tons. There is no definitive information as to when the obelisk, made of chipped stone in The Shape of Murabba, was actually made. However, in 390, by order given by the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius, a thought prevailed that he was first erected at the Hippodrome.

Looking at the reliefs on the pedestal we can see the sons of Theodosius I, his wife, Honorius and Valentinians II. In addition to these reliefs, the Hippodrome scenes and also some scenes of the stone being erected were added to the stone. Emperor Theodosius ordered this stone to be prepared after the throne. It is said to have been inspired by the fact that it had won many victories before, and that the kings in Egypt were planting stones after winning a victory.

It is stated in the historical records that a special road has been prepared from Kadırga Port to Hippodrome. It is also recorded that it takes 3 days to move the stone to its current location. It also says that it takes more than 1 month for the stone to be erected on a pedestal.