What Do You Know About Blue Mosque?

The Blue mosque, one of Turkey's most special. This mosque is one of the must-see places, leaving everyone to admire with its history, splendor and fine details. If you do research about this mosque before going to the Blue Mosque alone, it will be more meaningful when you visit.

Informations about Blue Mosque

The construction of the Blue Mosque began in 1609. During this period, Sultan Ahmed I was the head of the Ottoman Empire and the mosque was built by this Sultan. As a result of the work that lasted about 7 years, the construction was completed in 1616. The architect of the mosque was Mimar Sedefkar Aga, a student of Mimar Sinan.
When considered in conjunction with this magnificent mosque complex it is one of Turkey's largest complex structures. Today, tens of thousands of people come to the mosque both for worship and for sightseeing. For the first time, those who come to the glory of the mosque do not want to leave themselves away from this spirituality.

Some unknown features about the Blue Mosque

While the foundation of the Blue Mosque was laid, the sultan of the period filled the soil with caftan and carried it to the foundation. At the same time, in this groundbreaking ceremony, important clergy and statesmen were found and opened with prayers. According to a rumor, the minarets of the mosque were asked to be built under them, but Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa misunderstood the order and the number of minarets would be 6.
There are exactly 260 windows in the mosque and there are Iznik tiles in it. It is also known as the Blue Mosque by foreigners due to the presence of Iznik tiles. An iron promenade is located at the entrance of the mosque. For this reason, when the sultan comes to the mosque, even if the sultan is given the message that God should lean into the house. When the mosque was first built, it was called Yeni Mosque and later its name was changed to Sultanahmet. It is one of the must-see places in Istanbul. You should definitely visit and visit the history.