The famous Sultanahmet Köftecisi

Istanbul's historical beauties and magnificent scenery are the main reasons why all domestic and foreign tourists flock to the city. In addition, the taste of the tourists who visit historical places during the city visit is in Sultanahmet. Historic Halkin Koftecisi continues to offer you the same taste with its small shop opened in 1920.

Difference of Sultanahmet Historical Halkin Koftecisi

If you want to make room for a historical flavor while visiting historical places during your visit to Sultanahmet, Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi is waiting for you. The famous Halkin Koftecisi offers its magnificent taste with quality presentations and care.

Sultanahmet Historical Halkin Koftecisi has a history dating back a hundred years and offers many tourists its delights, while at the same time it is a place where celebrities can't give up.

The famous historical meatball, which owes its flavor to the combination of quality ingredients, is also among the rare places that have managed to preserve its original taste. The famous meatball restaurant, which takes its difference from its taste and quality, has the chance to taste not only meatballs but also many different flavors.

Prices at the famous Sultanahmet Historical Halkin Koftecisi

While the famous Sultanahmet Historical Halkin Koftecisi offers you the highest quality service, it also offers the same rigor for its unchanged special flavor for years. It also offers the opportunity to taste the beauty of the historical place. The historical meatballs with delicious details are also frequented by many people.

The historic Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi, where those who taste the taste of historical meatballs flock to meet with the same flavor again, also offers this flavor with its affordable price choices. With the extremely reasonable price choices, you can visit the famous meatball restaurant to enjoy your lunch or dinner.