Sultanahmet Meatball Price 2020

One of the first places that comes to mind when you think of meatballs in Istanbul is Historic Sultanahmet Meatball. We have been in service since 1950 in our place, which has hosted hundreds of thousands of guests so far and has become famous in the city especially with its meatballs. We have never changed the recipe of our meatball varieties, which will fascinate you with its taste since the first day we were founded.

Our meatball variety, prepared using the freshest ingredients, is a special flavor you should taste. At the same time, we have been taking great care to offer you the best prices since our establishment. Occasionally, we may also be asked whether the price of Sultanahmet meatball increases in 2020. We will continue to offer low prices for our meatball delicacies prepared with the freshest ingredients and with great care.

We have high flavor and low prices!

In 2020, we are one of the restaurants where you can dine at reasonable prices and taste our variety of meatballs. Our restaurant, located at Divanyolu Street 26 in Sultanahmet, offers you the pleasure of eating in a historical texture. There are also lamb skewers and chicken skewers that you can taste at very low prices.

Our special tastes, which are able to cater to everyone’s taste, can be preferred whenever you want to have a pleasant dinner with your family. We can prepare a great dining table for you with our salads, haricot bean salad and soups. You can come with your friends easily in our restaurant you encounter quality service.

You should also try our dessert varieties such as Kemalpaşa dessert and semolina halva. After a delicious dinner, we recommend you to choose our dessert varieties to cheer your palates. At the same time, apple sliced potatoes and finger sliced of potatoes, such as children lovingly consumed in our menu, we did not forget to add.