Sultanahmet Köftecisi Restaurant İstanbul

The city of Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations for local and foreign tourists every year thanks to its historical beauties and spectacular scenery. At the same time, those who want to take a delicious break from the historical site explorations can also choose from the restaurant options in Sultanahmet to taste the historical food. The historical Sultanahmet Halkin Köftecisi is one of the addresses where you can taste the real Sultanahmet meatballs.

Historical Sultan Ahmet Köftecisi and the Secret of Unchanging Flavor

Historical Sultanahmet Halkın Köftecisi, which started to serve with a small shop in 1920 and has been offering the same taste to its guests since those years, is among the places you can see when you want to make room for historical tastes while you visit Sultanahmet. This place, which is located in Sultanahmet, which is one of the frequented addresses of tourists with its centuries-old history, also attracts attention with its budget-friendly price options.

Historical Sultanahmet Köftecisi offers you the opportunity to taste the beauties of the historical place, and the rich menu includes desserts and different dishes. Historic Sultanahmet Köftecisi, which is among the most ideal addresses for lunch and dinner, manages to offer its tastes to a wide audience with budget friendly price options.

Indispensable Flavor Stop

Combining its delicious recipe with its quality ingredients, historic Sultanahmet meatballs offers you the chance to taste the real Sultanahmet meatballs without spoiling its original taste and flavor. If you are tired during your trip and the discovery of Sultanahmet and want to taste the delicious Sultanahmet dumplings, you can visit the historical Sultanahmet dumplings. You can also taste the real Sultanahmet meatballs and delicious desserts by feeling the texture of history in the place you can visit with yourself, your loved ones or your family.