Sultanahmet Koftecisi İstanbul

Sultan Ahmet is one of the most popular places of Istanbul. Especially in this region, where tourists flock almost every year, there are many tourist destinations to visit. The Istanbul tour of those who want to visit historical sites such as Hagia Sophia Museum usually starts in Sultanahmet. That's why hungry people don't want to leave Sultanahmet for dinner. Instead of wasting time in traffic, eating the famous Sultanahmet Kofte is a more attractive option not only for domestic tourists but also for foreign tourists.

In this case, we welcome our guests with the most delicious meatballs in our restaurant, which is the first place that comes to mind when you say Sultanahmet Koftecisi Istanbul. We have been serving as Tarihi Halkin Koftecisi since 1920 and we have not changed our traditional meatball recipe since the first day. Istanbul residents say that the meatballs in their childhood are still the same today and this makes us very happy.

You should definitely taste our meatballs!

We recommend you to taste our meatballs which are delicious enough to be consumed at any time of the day. Our guests from all over the world were amazed by this flavor. Therefore, with complacency, we can say that it is a flavour that suits every palatal taste. During your trip to Istanbul, you will definitely stop by Sultan Ahmet Square and it will be very easy to reach our place from this region.

When you need lunch, dinner or a snack during the day, we welcome you to our place. If you want to make a delicious stopover on your trip to Istanbul, you can enjoy our meatballs. In this way, our full menus will give you energy and you will feel ready to travel more places. You will realize that eating meatballs in the Tarihi Halkin Koftecisi is completely different. Meanwhile, chicken skewers and lamb skewers are our varieties. We are waiting to welcome you with meals suitable for everyone.