Sultanahmet Dining Places

Istanbul is our city that attracts tourists like a magnet in Turkey! In this city, which has many places to visit and see, Sultan Ahmet is one of the most visited places especially by local and foreign tourists. This is why the Sultanahmet dining areas concern everyone who goes to this city to visit. Because while there are so many places to visit here, just getting to a different place to eat means unnecessarily putting up with Istanbul traffic.

So, what is the most preferred restaurant among Sultanahmet dining places? The answer to this question is, of course, Tarihi Halkin Koftecisi. Even when you think of food, the first thing that comes to mind in this region is Tarihi Halkin Koftecisi. This place started to serve as a small meatball shop in 1920 and became the most preferred meatball shop in the region.

We never change the recipe of delicious meatballs prepared using the freshest ingredients in our restaurant. We have been keeping the traditional meatball recipe since 1920. The meatballs we prepare are able to appeal to everyone's taste. Even foreign tourists from around the world always prefer our place to eat meatballs.

When you want to have a pleasant and delicious break in Istanbul, turn your route to our place. These delicious meatballs are one of the foods that must be tasted by everyone. We also welcome those who looking for alternative food. For this purpose, we offer you lamb skewers and chicken skewers.

In a historical texture, tasting the delicious meatballs in the unique texture of Sultan Ahmet will give your Istanbul Trip a great pleasure. From now on, when you come to Istanbul, you can stop looking for an address to eat, especially if you are in the Sultanahmet area. Just come to our place to welcome you in the best possible way.