Prices Of Famous Sultanahmet Meatballs

Istanbul is a special city that attracts tourists in all seasons with its beauty and history. Sultanahmet Square is known not only for its history, but also for its historical tastes, where its historical texture is seen the most and the most visited historical places.

Historical Halkin Koftecisi, which is located in Sultanahmet and attracts attention with its famous taste, has a long adventure from 1920 to today. During your visit to the historical sites, it is recommended to visit the historical Halkin Koftecisi, which is a historical place.

The famous Sultanahmet Köftecisi, where you can taste a great flavor, has the right choice of prices and is waiting for you to taste the quality service and flavor.

The Original Taste of Sultanahmet Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi

Sultanahmet Historical Halkin Koftecisi is one of the places you must visit during your visit to Sultanahmet. The restaurant, which does not compromise on its taste and quality, also offers its historic texture. Not only meatballs, skewers, salads and desserts, as well as the selection of customers according to the requests of the famous meatballs are frequented by many local and foreign tourists.

The Secret of Famous Meatballs

Sultanahmet Historical Halkin Koftecisi provides the secret of its magnificent taste with its quality choices. It makes room for careful and high-quality choices while keeping prices reasonable. If you want to taste these delicious and famous flavors, you can visit the place immediately. The place where you will have the pleasure of having a pleasant lunch or dinner with your loved ones or with your family has been serving you by offering the same taste for years. Famous restaurant, where is frequented by local foreign tourists, celebrities and visitors of historical places, is waiting for you.