Places to Visit with Dear in Istanbul

Istanbul is a metropolis that embodies every culture in it. With its crowded population, unique scenery, bustling avenues, beaches and chirpy streets, it admires everyone who sees it. In addition to this, you will find places with traditional delicacies. İstanbul, which has conquered the hearts with its magnificent appearance, has many places to explore. If you want to come to this city with your lover, or if your living area is Istanbul, the wonderful beauties to be visited and seen are waiting for you.

Places to visit with the lover in Istanbul include Galata Tower with its stunning views. This work, which has brought the whole city under your feet, has an aura that fascinates those who see it. Among the city's other beauties, The Maiden Tower is home to many local and foreign tourists. It's also one of the rarest works you can go to with your lover. If you want to explore İstanbul's bustling streets, you can choose Karaköy and Balat. If you prefer to take in sea air, the islands will be a great option for you. With its colorful streets and bustling areas, you can have a romantic and fun day with your lover.

İstanbul's unique historical and cultural riches, Sultanahmet, one of the rarest places to go with a lover. Each corner of the property smells of history, reflecting this in the places. After visiting Gülhane, Topkapı Palace and Hagia Sophia, you can take a small lunch break with your lover. At this stage, Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi comes to you with its delicious tastes and friendly service. Blending years of experience with high service standards, this venue is waiting to welcome you with its meatballs that appeal to every taste. You can see the Turkish hospitality at the highest level in the Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi. Here you will taste the most delicious of Meatballs as well as chicken skewers and lamb skewers. Located on Divanyolu Street as a location, offers you the convenience of Transportation. Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi, where your path should be happening to pass, continues to aim for customer satisfaction by bringing its exquisite flavours to you.