Places To Visit In Sultanahmet With Family

When you think of Istanbul, the first place that comes to mind is Sultanahmet. After a pleasant trip to the city with your family, your first choice where to eat dinner would be at the restaurant Historical People's Meatballs. (Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi). This place is among the places to visit with family in Sultanahmet. We can say that those who see a place that gives them the pleasure of eating in a historical place do not go to a different address. So, where can you visit in Sultanahmet?

Sultanahmet Square

It being Istanbul's most famous square is already an enough reason to visit this square. Built during the Roman Empire, this square was used as a Hippodrome in the second century. After gaining popularity, many different structures were built around it, such as various columns.

The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque)

The Blue Mosque, whose foundations were laid in 1609 and the grand opening in 1616, is among the structures with a must-see architecture. Built during the Eastern Roman Empire, it has 260 Windows.

Hagia Sophia Museum

It is not known exactly when it was built, but its construction is estimated to have been completed in the fourth century, when it was turned into a museum in 1935, after the conquest of Istanbul. We can state that the museum exhibits extremely important works and that they should be seen by all without exception.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Istanbul Archaeology Museum is one of the places where you can visit with your family. Since it is a very large area, you may need to take a few hours to visit the museum. After visiting all these places, you can turn your route to the historic people's meatball restaurant (Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi) to enjoy your meal. The restaurant, which has been serving since 1950, has a variety of Meatballs as well as lamb shish and chicken shish.