Places to Visit in Sultanahmet

Sultan Ahmet is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Istanbul. Spending time in this city with its historical sites, tourist attractions, architectural works and cultural elements is the most enjoyed activity by local and foreign tourists. Of course, the list of places to visit in Sultanahmet does not include only a few places. However, when you come to this region we want to make some other suggestions to the places you must-see.

Sultan Ahmet Square

One of the must-see places is Sultan Ahmet Square. One of the most magnificent squares in the world, a hippodrome was built here by the Roman Empire. Then the hippodrome was removed and used as a square for centuries. Let us also state that it hosts many shows and many events.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque

Sultan Ahmet Mosque is also among the places to visit in Sultanahmet. The Sultan Ahmet mosque is the only mosque with 6 minarets in Istanbul, located directly opposite the Hagia Sophia Museum. This mosque is also called Blue Mosque because of the color of the tiles in it. You will see dozens of different details that will impress you in the mosque which has sections such as complex, madrasah, school, market, kasr, darüşşifa, imaret, tomb. The grandeur of the mosque is quite impressive in itself!

Hagia Sophia Museum

The Hagia Sophia Museum, which was built twice before and burned down during the popular uprisings and was built for the third time after it was restored by Mimar Sinan, has gained a much more impressive appearance. It is not known exactly when it was first built, but it is estimated to have been completed in the 4th century. Hagia Sophia is a structure drawn by the mathematicians Anthemios and Isidoros of Miletus.

Archeology Museum

The archaeological museum, with its many historical monuments, is also on the list of places to see. The museum even contains artifacts from the Hellenistic period. There is also a wild boar statue dating from the 5th century BC.