Places to Go with Children in İstanbul at the Weekend

Istanbul is the most beautiful city to visit with its magnificent history and unique places. In addition to being the centre of attention of local and foreign tourists, the people living in this city also get the opportunity to explore the unique beauties of Istanbul. It has many venue options, especially in the context of weekend mobility. The size and grandeur of the city fascinates the beholders. For those who want to go out with their family, it has a rich range of places.

İstanbul is a city that reflects the magnificent scenery and the aura of history. It has an allure that fascinates everyone with its traditional flavours, lively streets, entertainment venues, stylish restaurants and unique beauty. Places to go with children in İstanbul on the weekend, hosts with many options. One of these is Eminönü, which is famous for its cobbled streets and Spice Bazaar. Eminönü, which is crowded and lively, is a place where you can literally experience the spirit of İstanbul. In addition, Rumeli Fortress is one of the most beautiful works you can go to with your children.

İstanbul Toy Museum, which caters to children, is among the places you can go as a family. One of the places to visit on the weekend is undoubtedly Miniaturk. This museum, which your children will enjoy very much, comes to you with its minimal works. One of the places you can choose as a family in İstanbul is Sultanahmet, with its aura of history. After a pleasant stay in Gülhane, you can take a short lunch break. This is exactly where we suggest you turn your direction to Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi. Its delicious flavours meet you in a way that appeals to your family taste. A variety of delights await you and your children at the Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi. The venue, which has been in service since 1950, offers delicious meatballs blended with its vast experiences. Located on Divanyolu Street, Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi is one of the highest quality and most hygienic places in Sultanahmet. We suggest you to make your way here as soon as possible.