Most Famous Historical Square, Sultanahmet Square

Don't leave Istanbul without visiting Sultanahmet Square, the most famous square in Istanbul. Sultanahmet has a special importance as it witnesses many historical scenes. There are many historical monuments since it is the region where Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire was ruled. The population here mostly consists of domestic and foreign tourists. There are many works such as palace, museum, cistern, fountain and columns in the square.

The most beautiful part of Sultanahmet is that it can cater to every income group. A variety of options are available, both in terms of accommodation and taste. Where traditional Turkish delicacies are served, authentic decorations are found in historical madrasahs and cafes. The historical texture here will give you great pleasure. Especially, you can not go to Sultanahmet and taste the meatballs in the historical ''Sultanahmet Halkın Köftecisi''.

In addition to delicacies and accommodation, there are also places to buy souvenirs. Here you can find special items of historical texture. Selling traditional goods and jewelry are also in the foreground.

Historical Texture of Sultanahmet Square

It may take days to fully explore Sultanahmet. You can take the modern tram from Eminönü. You can examine the monuments in which races are held. Especially, do not leave the palace without examining the ruins. Exploring its history will add meaning to your trip. Outdoors you can visit the Archaeological Museum. Afterwards, you can visit Topkapi Palace and taste the delicacies that reflect the historical texture.

Since the neighborhood is home to the Roman and Byzantine Empire, it also contains different cultures. That is why it is flocked by many tourists thanks to its diversity. It is possible to meet many local and foreign tourists here. Religious, cultural, administrative and social centers of the time are located in this neighborhood. Around this square are the most important monuments of Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art and Basilica Cistern. You may not have enough days to visit and explore this area.