Meatballs in Istanbul

Sultanahmet is an important region with its historical and delicious food options. You can taste many different tastes during your visit to Sultanahmet and enjoy the delicious food that is intertwined with the historical texture of Sultanahmet. Sultanahmet can also offer you different possibilities for food ordering.

There are different options to order food in Sultanahmet. But when you choose between places, you may need to pay attention to some details. Ordering meatballs can be extremely common in Istanbul, but you should make sure that the places are hygienic and reliable.

Real Sultanahmet Köftecisi: Tarihi Sultanahmet Halkin Köftecisi

You can also choose Historical Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi for your meatball orders. Historic Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi, which has been serving since 1920, can deliver your food orders to you in the fastest and most reliable way.

Historic Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi, which started its activities as a small meatball shop in Sultanahmet and has survived until today, has never changed the recipe of its special tastes reflecting history. Historic Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi, which has become one of the most popular and indispensable popular addresses, is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists.

Special menu options and delicious dishes

Historic Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi, which is also preferred by those who want to have a delicious lunch break while visiting Sultanahmet, which is famous for its tea gardens and meatballs, has different menus such as meatballs, special salads and halva with meatballs. You can also order different tastes such as soup and rice.

Historic Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi, which offers you the special taste of Sultanahmet meatballs in Istanbul, continues to welcome its guests with its long years of experience.