Istanbul’s Districts Smelling History With Their Experiences

There are many different places you can visit in Istanbul and feel yourself in a free journey through the streets that smell of history. Here is the districts of Istanbul and the places to visit that smell history with their experiences.


Galata, located in Beyoğlu, is among the oldest districts of Istanbul. Galata, a colony of the Genoese, was ruled by the Ottomans without war with the conquest of Istanbul. It is also possible to taste unique dishes in the historical texture by taking a break in the flavor stops while visiting Galata.


Balat, part of Fatih district, is one of the oldest districts of the Golden Horn Coast. Balat, also called the district where the Greek aristocrats lived, has been revived and started to be among the places frequented by local and local tourists.


Arnavutköy, which is one of the famous districts of Istanbul, is noted for its historical buildings and cafes.


Pera and İstiklal Street, which are among the most famous places of Beyoğlu, are considered as symbols of the modernization process. Pera, which attracts attention with its red colored nostalgic tram, historical inns, galleries and museums, is one of the most frequently visited routes in Istanbul by foreign tourists.


Karaköy, which is located at the intersection of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, which is among the most important points of Beyoğlu, took its name from the Karay Turks living in this region in history. Karaköy is home to Istanbul's historic harbor and shipyard, as well as banks and offices.


This region, which is visited by the domestic and foreign tourists of Istanbul, attracts attention with its Sultanahmet meatballs and other delicious dishes. If you're on your way to Sultanahmet, you can visit the historical Sultanahmet Halkın Köftecisi for a delicious break and taste the real Sultanahmet meatballs.