Istanbul Historical Sultanahmet and Its Flavors

Sultanahmet, which is one of the unique monuments of Istanbul, hosts thousands of tourists every year. One of the symbols of the Ottoman 6-minaret Blue Mosque, especially because of the best way to reflect the historical textures are very much appreciated, and during the Ramadan months to experience the spiritual air flocked to visitors. Tourists from all over the world want to visit this spiritual air.

It is also possible to reach Sultanahmet easily known as Blue Mosque by foreign tourists. You can get on the Eminonu ferries from Uskudar and Kadikoy and then get off by tram at Sultanahmet stop.

One of the most important features of the Blue Mosque, which reflects the traces and visuality of the past in the best way, is its 6 minarets. At the same time, while witnessing every moment of the city for centuries, it is one of the places where the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires entrusted the most unique works.

It is also known as Sultanahmet Square, Horse Square and Hippodrome. There are unique historical buildings in this square. While the most famous and valuable historical monuments of the world took place here, Sultanahmet Square witnessed palace festivals, weddings or janissary revolts. You won't be able to visit this place where most historical scenes take place. If you go to Istanbul, it is one of the places you should visit. With its 2500 years of history, it brings you together with the unique traces of history.

Flavors of Historical Sultanahmet

When it comes to the flavors of Sultanahmet, meatballs come to mind first. It is possible to experience a historical taste with the famous Sultanahmet meatballs. This meatball, which carries the unique flavor of history, has been of the same taste and quality for years. Sultanahmet People's Meatballs does not deprive you of this flavor. For years, it has been offering to all local and foreign people with special care without breaking its special taste. You should definitely try and see this flavor.