Istanbul Fatih Places To Eat

The district of Fatih in Istanbul is frequented by local and foreign tourists with many different places. It is possible to visit many different places from Hagia Sophia to Topkapı Palace and experience this historical texture in the place that includes the historical texture. Not only historical textures but also historical tastes are made possible by the special places you can find in Fatih district.

Located among the places to eat in Istanbul Fatih Sultanahmet Historical Halkin Koftecisi is a special place that has been offering you great flavors for years. Halkin Koftecisi has a history dating back a hundred years, also offers you the best quality and unforgettable flavor.

The Original Flavor Of The Meatball Is In Sultanahmet

Historical Halkin Koftecisi allows you to taste the amazing taste and the original taste, started its operation as a small shop in 1920 and is among the rare places that offer the same quality and flavor to you today. Offering the same quality and same taste for years, the restaurant also offers you a pleasant lunch or dinner with its reasonable priced menu. It is possible to try different tastes in the place where you can visit with your loved ones or with your family.

Historical Flavor from Sultanahmet Trip

During your visit to Sultanahmet, you can enjoy historical delicacies while visiting historical places. You can taste this wonderful taste by giving a place to the Sultanahmet Historical Halkin Koftecisi during your visit to Fatih. The restaurant offers many different dishes from salads to desserts to your liking. It is possible to come to the place where you must visit during your visit to Sultanahmet. If you want to taste this unique taste, you can visit the historical place in Fatih district.