Istanbul Fatih Dining Places

It is possible to try many different tastes in Istanbul's Fatih district and to visit its magnificent sites. The historic Halkin Koftecisi of Sultanahmet, located in the District of Fatih, which is home to historical places, gives you the opportunity to taste the historical flavor. The meatballs, which have been offering you its magnificent flavor for years, are waiting for you to taste its flavor with the same care and the same quality.

Sultanahmet Tarihi Halkin Koftecisi

Sultanahmet Historical Halkin Koftecisi, which is among the Istanbul Fatih dining venues, offers its magnificent tastes according to the wishes of its customers. Adding different flavors to its menu, it allows you to choose from a wide menu list ranging from meatball dessert to salad. In Sultanahmet, where you can see the historical texture of the city and visit historical sites, you also have the chance to taste this flavor by visiting the meatballs of the historical people. Serving you with small changes without losing its historical texture, it offers you the same delicious food for almost 100 years without compromising the taste of the place.

Sultanahmet Tarihi Halkin Koftecisi Menu

Sultanahmet historical Halkin Koftecisi was founded in 1920 and has been offering you the same quality service for years. The place visited by many local and foreign tourists is famous for its flavor.

You can also find different choices from salads to desserts in the famous meatballs, which are frequented by many people visiting Istanbul Fatih. Soup, salad, meatballs, chicken skewers will change according to your wishes as you choose all the products will remain in your palate is recommended to remember the delicious flavor.

Sultanahmet Historical Halkin Koftecisi also includes different dessert preferences, continues its services with its 100 years of historical structure and historical taste. You can get the advantage of seeing the historical textures on site by visiting the city of Fatih in Istanbul and you can enjoy the delicious food of the meatballs of the historical people.