How to Get to Sultanahmet?

Sultanahmet is one of the most popular places in Istanbul. It is a place of intense interest to local and foreign tourists due to its feature of its historical structures, places and cultural riches.  With its many rich beauties, every corner has an aura that smells of history. It has the advantage of being easily accessible as a location. So how to get to Sultanahmet?


There are many transportation routes for those who want to go to Sultanahmet. Those who prefer public transport via the bus can use the BN2 and TB2 line. For those who want to take a train ride, the Marmaray line, which passes near Sultanahmet, is a very attractive option. Those who avoid traffic obstructions can quickly reach the stops, which are very close to Sultanahmet, using the subway. One of the most advantageous ways is to prefer Trams. By getting off at the stop in Sultanahmet Square, you can easily reach your destination. The T1 tram line is the right choice.


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As a location, Sultanahmet is a place that is easily accessible by any means of transport. In terms of gaining great appreciation from both domestic and foreign tourists, there are also wide range of options in the food sector. When you are on your way to Sultanahmet, we recommend that you visit the Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi. Divanyolu Caddesi 26 is the place where it serves meatballs and you can easily reach the location, while it continues to present you with the delicious meatballs.