Historical Famous Sultanahmet Meatballs

Historical Sultanahmet meatballs that are integrated with Sultanahmet have been offered to the public for years. If you go to Sultanahmet and eat these meatballs will remain in the ukde. You must try and taste these meatballs.
These meatballs, which bear the traces of history, reflect the unique taste of history. While you are breathing the historical air of Sultanahmet, you should not taste it. Comparison of these extant and meatballs always protects, without changing its flavor, it has managed to become famous both in Istanbul in Turkey. While the flavor of the shop ensures that it is continuous, the size of its flavor can be understood with the tail on the door. This tail you expect is absolutely worth the taste you receive.

The smell of meatballs cooked on the embers on the stove will attract you from everywhere. The accompanying bazaar and salad will also accompany this unique flavor. Then you will continue to enjoy the meatballs with the special halva you can eat. You may want to find this addictive flavor in every meatball you eat. But that may not be possible. Because it won't be easy to get a special formula that hasn't changed for years. You can only reach this from the Sultanahmet Sultanahmet People's Koftecisi.

People's Meatballs Calling You

Sultanahmet Halkın Köftecisi, whose taste spreads from ear to ear, has years of experience and experience. With this professional, both quality and fast service are realized while carrying out its business. The quality of meat selected for meatballs and the quality of other ingredients have not changed for years and are presented to the customer by blending with special formulation. Although there are imitations, you should definitely come to Sultanahmet Halkın Köftecisi to eat the original. This meatball preferred by the people has hosted many famous names to this day. Among the tourists that make up the majority of its customers are both domestic and foreign tourists.

If you come to Sultanahmet in Istanbul, you should definitely remember Halkın Köftecisi which is one of the places you should visit.