Hagia Sophia Dining Places

Hagia Sophia Museum is one of the most visited places by local and foreign tourists coming to Istanbul. Of course, visiting Hagia Sophia and the Obelisk near Sultan Ahmet Square takes a certain time. The tourists who came here prefer to eat here. Usually, the research of Hagia Sophia Dining Places is done online.

The most accurate address you can choose to eat in this area is Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi. You can taste the most delicious meatballs in our place, you can enjoy the pleasure of eating in a historical texture to the fullest. Besides, we don't just offer you meatballs. You should definitely taste our soup varieties, which will enchant you with its flavor.

The most delicious food in Hagia Sophia is in Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi!

We prepare traditional Turkish delicacies without changing the recipe and offer them to your taste. You can also try lamb skewers and chicken skewers. Piyaz is one of our most assertive appetizers. Established in 1920 as a small meatball shop, Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi has preserved its taste all year long and has survived to this day. Our place, which is one of the frequented places of many local and foreign tourists, is the first place that comes to mind today when we think of Hagia Sophia Dining Places.

Everyone must experience the unique pleasure of eating in the historical atmosphere and historical texture of Sultan Ahmet! Instead of looking for a place to eat in this area, we recommend that you turn your route to our place immediately. The kind of meatballs and skewers you will admire in the first bite are the tastes that our guests from all over the world are extremely pleased with. We'd like to welcome you as soon as possible. We use the freshest ingredients in our restaurant and we never compromise on the freshness of the variety of food we prepare.