Great Venue For Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

The most special day of the year for couples is the wedding anniversary. Of course, this special day, which deserves a romantic celebration, must be organized for sure. If you're looking for a great place to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you can immediately turn your route to the Historical People's Meatball(Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi). So you can celebrate your anniversary with a dinner filled with unique flavors. Wedding anniversary celebrations often stay into the evening hours due to the couples busy working life. Couples want to have dinner first, and so dinner becomes a great excuse for celebration. This is where the Historical People's meatballs come into scene which are among the places where you can get a warm and friendly service.

An Unforgettable Anniversary Celebration With Delicious Food!

Well, what do we have on the menu? This restaurant has been serving since 1950 and the taste of its meatballs has not changed since then! Their first recipe is still in use. Meatballs are the first of the delicious dishes you must taste in the restaurant. Options include chicken shish and lamb shish. You can also start dinner with a fabulous lentil soup. You can have your table garnished with a variety of Piyaz, rice and salads. You can also order potato wedges and finger potatoes. The types of food are made up of flavors that everyone loves without exception, and therefore you will be able to feast and be worthy of your palates.

Ice cream with paper halva, Kemalpaşa dessert or semolina halva are the kinds of desserts that you can choose at the end of the evening to reward your palates. You can book a place immediately and plan a full feast for both yourself and your partner on your wedding anniversary. The Historical People's Meatball Restaurant in Sultanahmet is waiting for you.