Dinner Menu For Two

Sultanahmet, one of the most unique areas of Istanbul, is home to many different local and foreign tourists every year. The Blue Mosque with six minarets, which is one of the most important symbols of the Ottoman Empire, is one of the structures that can best reflect the historical textures. Tourists who come to this region from all over the world also have the opportunity to taste Turkish cuisine in this region.

Historic Sultanahmet Halkın Köftecisi

The easy access to Sultanahmet and the delicious taste of Sultanahmet meatballs makes it possible for many people to visit this region. You can have a delicious lunch or dinner with Sultanahmet meatballs, which you can taste with your loved ones, yourself, or your family.

Sultanahmet reflects the traces of the past to you and stands out as a place where different civilizations have lived for centuries. If you want to taste real Sultanahmet meatballs in Sultanahmet, you can visit the Historic Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi, which offers dinner menu options for two people and many other special menu options.

Unchanged Flavor Since 1920

Historic Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi, which is one of the famous places of Sultanahmet and has been in service since 1920, is one of the most frequented addresses of those who want to taste delicious Sultanahmet meatballs. Historic Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi, which cannot be abandoned by those who enjoy the taste of meatballs, allows you to taste delicious food in an atmosphere that smells of history.

If you are planning to visit Sultanahmet and want to have a delicious break during your visit, you can visit the historical Sultanahmet Halkin Koftecisi and enjoy real Sultanahmet meatballs.