Dining Places Around Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, which is important for the history of world architecture, hosts hundreds of local and foreign tourists every year. With its strong stance, the Hagia Sophia Mosque, which defies the years, fascinates those who see it. Of course, you have to take the time to visit such an impressive architectural work. When your tour ends, you may want to dine in this historic place.

At this point, we welcome you to our restaurant in one of the most beautiful places where you can dine around Hagia Sophia. Our restaurant has been serving since 1950. You can taste the most delicious meatballs and have a nice feast. If you want to have a pleasant chat with your family or friends while eating delicious food, now you know the right address.

The Taste Of Eating In A Historic Place Is Insatiable

As Historic Halkin Koftecisi in Sultanahmet, we keep our doors open to anyone looking for a place to eat around Ayasofya. Especially our meatballs are one of the tastes that the tastes never give up again. You should also enjoy the pleasure of eating in a place that smells of history in the historical texture.

If you want to welcome your guests from outside the city or from abroad with delicious meals, we will also welcome you to our venue with your guests.  We are very pleased to serve you with our fast and friendly service approach. You can get detailed information about our menu and meal types from our website.

When your way to Hagia Sophia is sure to stop by our restaurant. From soup to meatballs, from skewers to desserts, you can eat the most delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine in our place. When you want to pamper yourself with our meals prepared using the freshest ingredients, you know very well which restaurant to turn your route to.