Best Meatball Venues in İstanbul

You can find many different places to eat meatballs in Mega City İstanbul. However, if you are looking for the best meatballs in İstanbul, you need to turn your route to the direction of the Tarihi Halkın Köftecisi without any hesitation. You can almost fall in love with the flavor of the meatballs that you will eat in this place, which has been serving in Sultanahmet since very old years.

Because you can enjoy a delicious meatball feast in this place, which has been serving since 1950 and has managed to offer meatballs and food varieties to suit the taste of hundreds of thousands of people since then. This restaurant, which has hosted many famous names since then, manages to enjoy a unique meatball flavor as well as dining in a historic texture.

When You Think of Meatballs in İstanbul, This Restaurant Comes to Mind!

Thanks to the variety of meatballs, which have an enormous flavour, many of the restaurant's regular customers have also been formed… In addition to meatballs, it offers special food varieties such as lamb skewers and chicken skewers to its guests. Of course, different flavors such as soup and salad have been added to the menu and anyone who wishes can taste these flavors.

The fact that it keeps its prices at a minimum level throughout the year or even since it was founded is one of the factors that is effective in gaining the love of the people of this place. Let us also inform you that the place that everyone should visit in İstanbul, without exception, serves at number 26 of Divanyolu Street. Make a reservation before you go!