Basilica Cistern Among Sultanahmet Places to Visit

Sultanahmet Basilica Cistern, which is one of the main attractions, is home to many activities. You can also feed the fish here with bread. The purpose of this place is actually to meet the water needs of the city. Built in 532, this cistern can store 10,000,000 cubic meters of water. If you follow the walking path in this cistern, you can go to the end of the cistern. At the end it is possible to see the Medusa Heads. These Medusa heads are female heads with mythology and snakes in their hair.

There are two reasons for using Medusa heads here. The first of these was used to support the shortness of the columns contained therein. Another reason is that there was a Christian Empire here at the time the cistern was built and that the statues would be destroyed.

Mythological Story of Medusa in the Basilica Cistern
According to Greek Mythology, Zeus' daughter, Athena's daughter, was Medusa. Here, Athena's husband, Poseidon, falls in love with Medusa and cannot stand this love and forcibly associate with Medusa. Athena is also very angry about this and makes her appearance ugly by cursing her. He turns every strand of his hair into a snake and gives the curse that every person he looks at will turn to stone. He also asks his half-brother Perseus to cut off Medusa's head and kill him.

According to these legends, knowing the Basilica Cistern would be more meaningful. If you're in Sultanahmet, Yerebatan Cistern, which is one of the must-visit places, impresses those who see it. The cistern, which attracts attention with its structure and architecture, welcomes hundreds of tourists during the day. You should definitely see the Basilica Cistern, one of the most important places to visit in Istanbul and you should not leave Istanbul without seeing it. If you are already in Sultanahmet, you should definitely include this place in your travel list. On this trip list, you will also enjoy the unique history of meatballs that you will eat at Sultanahmet Halkın Köftecisi.